When it comes to drug references in music, this genre is surprisingly number one Photo by Liaison/Getty Images

For years, rap and rock music were the go-to genres in regards to partying and doing drugs. But, according to a new study, country music is king when it comes to getting high.

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The study, which was published on, reported that marijuana is the number one drug that country musicians sing about in their songs, with coke and meth rounding out the top three.

“Country music does have the most drug mentions and a lot of the country songs do speak about marijuana quite a bit,” data scientist Logan Freedman told Rolling Stone

Freedman and his collaborators said it wasn’t as simple as blatant references, but that they also had to search for euphemisms such as words “like addy, blow, molly, roxy and sizzurp.”

The news that we found to be the most surprising is that the study found those drug mentions have been declining over the last four years. According to Freedman, their analyses found that music genres as a whole “really, really, straying away from mentioning drugs.”

With greats like Willie Nelson still doing their thing in country music, the references won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.

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