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Women fantasize about breaking up with their partners at a much higher rate than men do, according to a new survey.

After polling 1,400 men and women about the issues they disagree on the most, a collaboration by Men’s Health and Women’s Health found that 53 percent of women envision breaking it off with their significant others compared to 44 percent of men who never think about the possibility at all.

Those numbers lineup well with a recent Stanford University study that concluded 69 percent of divorces are initiated by the wife. Intimacy expert Laura Doyle says the reason for the gap is simple: women are more inclined to end a relationship when problems arise than men are.

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“These numbers—and the divorce initiation gap—don’t prove that men are happier in marriage,” Doyle says “But they do suggest that women are more willing to do something about it if they are unhappy. Men will continue to try to make their partners happy, even if they’re not succeeding.”

Doyle adds that women are always analyzing the peaks and valleys of a relationship, while men will suppress any issues.

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