An exercise device that claims to work your face certainly has an effective marketing strategy Jawzrsize via YouTube

If you exercise your legs, arms, chest, etc., why not your face?

That’s what former mixed martial arts fighter Brandon Harris is asking, and to that end, he’s created Jawzrsize, a ball meant to work the face muscle.  His Kickstarter campain page says:

Use Jawzrsize to tone, strengthen your facial and neck muscles, form a well defined jawline, and intensify mind-muscle connection.

Harris, on his kickstarter video, says he was light heavyweight champion of Fairbanks, Alaska, and he said he would get a little chew toy to munch on before his bouts to strengthen his neck and face muscles. That’s when the idea hit him. He must be doing something right because he’s exceed his $10,000 fundraising goal — he’s got more than $16,000 already.

Or, maybe people are really excited his marketing video:

Yeah, that keeps me interested.

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