As if your trip to IKEA wasn’t torturous enough, you can now hurt people with the chain’s mini pencils YouTube Screenshot

IKEA has long been the bane of people who don’t have a ton of money to spend on furniture but would like decent-looking furniture. Its thrifty model has won it worldwide success, along with a particularly dark spot in popular culture. A trip to IKEA has been known to torpedo even the most stable relationship?the Swedish chain with the delicious meatballs and the self-assembled furniture with the weird-sounding names is pretty much where relationships go to die. Yeah, it’s so bad, 30 Rock did two full episodes about it.

Now, a very bad man has come along and devised a way to make your IKEA trip painful in a way that isn’t figurative or proverbial.

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Disregarding the fact that this man pronounces IKEA “ee-kee-ah” (it’s “eye-kee-uh,” you tool!), this just seems like the worst idea.

Also, this is merely the latest?and apparently, fan-requested (what is wrong with you people?!)?installment in what this sadistic jerk dubs “The Slingshot Channel,” which almost certainly means he never quite got past that “hurting animals” phase of early sociopathy. Other installments of The Slingshot Channel include videos where this person builds implements for “shooting right through police riot gear” and a clip called “Home Made Sword – Will It Kill?”

That this person has ostensibly monetized The Slingshot Channel is a depressing indictment of our culture. But, hey, at least now you can inflict your pain on others next time you drop by IKEA for a MYSINGSÖ Beach Chair.

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