Dude invents air-powered cannon that turns Nerf darts into heavy duty projectiles YouTube Screenshot

Remember shooting your friend with a Nerf dart as a kid and how harmless it all seemed? Even a direct hit on someone’s forehead would do little more than make everyone bust out laughing.

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Now, we’ve got guys like Giaco Whatever inventing things that would make getting hit with a styrofoam dart anything but a laughing matter. He’s built a dart cannon that uses 400 PSI of air pressure to send Nerf darts screaming through the air at twice the speed of sound—some 1,700 miles per hour or Mach 2.3.

That’s unthinkable. As the video demonstates, the resulting impact is powerful enough to put a hole through a wooden board and turn the dart into foam shrapnel. Try shooting your friend with this and you might get brought up on charges.

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