Former NASA scientist develops dartboard that gives its users a bullseye every time YouTube screenshot

A game of darts is a lot more fun when you throw alcohol into the mix.

Which makes you wonder who’d be interested in former NASA engineer Mark Rober’s new dartboard, a setup which employs motion tracking cameras and darts outfitted with infrared reflectors to essentially ensure you hit the mark everytime.

What’s the point, you might ask? Well, playing darts in a bar usually entails drunkenness and that means danger, like catching a dart to the side of the head, lurks. With Rober’s invention, that danger is minimized. It would also just be a lot of fun to hit a bullseye on every throw.

According to Gizmodo, it takes just 200 milliseconds for the dartboard to figure out the trajectory a dart being thrown at it will take, and another 200 milliseconds for the board’s motors to move the board into the dart’s path. Amazing technology, to say the least.

Unfortunately, if you already suck at the game this engineering marvel won’t do much, if anything, to change that. You still need to be somewhat close to the target on your throws, which rules a good number of us out.

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