Guy makes Nerf gun that’s way too powerful for this world YouTube Screenshot

This can’t end well. If you’ve ever found yourself wishing your Nerf gun could actually hurt people with those puny foam darts it fires, well, you’re in luck.

Of this unsettling invention, YouTube user “Giaco Whatever” says:

This is definitely the World’s most powerful and fastest Nerf Dart ever shot.
I’m in the process to build a LETHAL Nerf Gun. But first I built a Nerf Cannon to test out what kind of damage just a normal Nerf Dart can do if shot at super high speed. Well, the result it’s pretty scary actually… I was able to pierce all the way through a Red Bull can with NO PROBLEM what so ever!

Which, like, alright? You really want to build a lethal Nerf gun? Just curious: how are you going to find out whether it’s lethal or not?

(h/t Gizmodo)

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