If you pump 20,000 volts into a watermelon, you get these explosive results YouTube Screenshot

We never knew we wanted to see a watermelon explode after receiving 20,000 volts of electricity until now, but thanks to The Backyard Scientist, we now know what we didn’t know we wanted to know.

The Backyard Scientist himself, Kevin Kohler, has one of the coolest YouTube channels around. When I was younger, I appreciated how awesome science was, but then I grew up and forgot all about it. But thanks to Kohler, I’ve been kindly reminded of it, and it’s freaking awesome.

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This time around, he’s decided to fool around with a little bit of electricity. You know, just 20,000 volts worth. Luckily for us, he’s really into what it takes to blow stuff up, and this episode isn’t any different. He pumped 20,000 volts into a watermelon, partially for the scientific benefit of seeing exactly how electricity works, but, then there’s the whole blowing the watermelon to smithereens.

This dude truly knows how to make science cool, even for this adult, that gave up on science a long time ago.

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