Puny hydraulic press tests its mettle against adamantium and loses badly YouTube Screenshot

So, I didn’t know the Hydraulic Press Channel was a thing, but after watching this clip, it’s all so obvious to me: This is peak internet—of course a YouTube channel that promises and delivers literally nothing but a hydraulic press crushing an assortment of objects has over a million-and-a-half subscribers.

In a bit of particularly ingenious marketing, the folks over at the Hydraulic Press Channel have teamed up with 20th Century Fox ahead of the theatrical release of Logan to demonstrate the press’ ability (or lack thereof) to crush adamantium. It is worth noting adamantium is, in fact, a fictional alloy.

Let’s break this video down: On its first try, the press fails to crush what appears to be a ball of adamantium, pushing it down into the base of the compressor. Then, we’re shown an attempt at crushing adamantium claws with some assistance provided by a “friend” (read: Wolverine). In a fitting tribute to this metal-on-metal action, a badass metal track called “Thor’s Hammer” riffs in the background. Of course, the press can’t crush Wolverine’s claws, and the claws end up cutting through the base like a slice of cake, or cheese, or cheesecake—take your pick.

Perhaps the cutesiest little Easter egg thrown into this video is the post-credits crushing of a saber-toothed tiger made out of what appears to be Play-Doh, an obvious nod to the Marvel Comics villain Sabretooth (aka Victor Creed), Wolverine’s one-time X-Force teammate and longstanding mortal enemy.

Of course, a regular old hydraulic press can’t damage adamantium, but that didn’t stop the deviously clever proprietors of the Hydraulic Press Channel from partnering with 20th Century Fox in making this video. Hats off to the people in the marketing departments of both the Hydraulic Press Channel and Fox; good stuff.

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