RC plane designer takes his creations to the next level with flame-throwing Thomas the Tank Engine YouTube screenshot

You might consider RC plane designer Peter Sripol’s latest project a glimpse into the future of warfare: robots and drones meting out the death and destruction rather than humans.

We’re already there in a lot of respects as the military has for some time used drone strikes piloted by humans thousands of miles away, but the technology is advancing rapidly.

Unfortunately, not many of us common folk would ever get to sample that technology. Unless people like Sripol, who just turned a six-legged walking robot that shoots darts into a full on flamethrower, can somehow make their magical creations available to the average consumer.

Here’s what the stock version of the spider robot was originally capable of:

Kinda lame. Here’s what Sripol transformed it into:

Aside from being genius, that’s straight up badass. Sripol did it by building a miniature flamethrower and upgrading all the robot’s motors and electronics.

They say the day’s not far off when unmanned craft—land, air and under water—will be able to communicate with each other and form large scale armies. That’s both scary and exciting at the same time. Imagine all the fun gadgets people like Sripol could come up with using that level of technology!

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