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In the technological age that we live in, nothing is sacred anymore and everything can be tracked or monitored. We have fitness tracking devices that measure our every movement and count our every step. So, it’s only fitting that a company in the U.K. decided to come up with a gadget to track our sex statistics. Why not?

It’s called the i.Con Smart Condom, and it’s actually not even a condom, but a reusable ring that sits on the base of a condom. According to Men’s Health, it uses nanochips and sensors, similar to other tracing devices. The sex tracker will record the speed of your thrusts, total number of thrusts, frequency of sex, number of sex sessions, girth of your penis, the different sexual positions you use and the number of calories burned during sex. The company is looking to release the device later this year and they intend to sell it for $74.

Just what every man wants, something other than a woman to tell them they’re doing it wrong.