This badass new shotgunning device lets you embrace your inner X-Men, and it’s a must-have for your next rager KickStarter Screenshot

Call us old fashioned, but when it comes to shotgunning a brew, we’ve been using the same method since high school. But this new novelty device could completely change the way things are done and also pays homage to one of your favorite Marvel characters. We present to you The Wolverine.

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This brilliant shotgunning device was devised by a group of 24 entrepreneurs in Vancouver, who came up with the idea after a few cases of beer one evening.

A KickStarter campaign has been launched to fund the device, and while the makers were $1,000 or so away from their goal of $3,737, we still have high hopes for this product.

The Wolverine makes a perfect claw mark in your beer can, and its creators say it’s the gnarliest way to shotgun a beer while impressing your friends. From what we’ve seen, we have to agree.

Hopefully they still find a way to get this out to the public, because we would buy it in a heartbeat.

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