This mad geek genius found a way to mod a Porsche 911 to play Doom YouTube Screenshot

We’ve seen everything from big rigs to hot rods tricked out in all sorts of ways that we didn’t think anything could surprise us when it came to badass car modifications. But YouTuber vexal managed to do that when he came up with a way to mod a Porsche 911 to play Doom II.

Basically, the mad geek genius takes a flash drive with the car’s VIN number on it, starts the car with the computer system in debug mode, inserts the game and he’s off killing hordes of futuristic demon creatures.

The Porsche’s steering wheel, shifter, horn and accelerator all control the game, so this isn’t something you’d want to try on a busy highway. Or really any sort of functioning road. Because one second you’re racking up a crazy high score and the next you’re ass backwards in a ditch questioning the terrible, terrible life decisions that led you to this point.

So yeah, maybe not the best thing to try at home.

(h/t Gizmodo)

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