Weapons expert turns LEGOs into the most ruthless projectiles ever YouTube Screenshot

LEGOs can be some of the most treacherous things on the entire planet. If you don’t believe us, ask anyone that has kids. Walking through the house and stepping on a LEGO, well, that’s just pure hell. Apparently, YouTuber Joerg Sprave, has found a far more painful way to use them and stepping on them suddenly doesn’t sound so bad.

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Sprave is notorious for weaponizing random items he finds to use as ammo for one of his many slingshot weapons. We’re not just talking about your traditional wrist-rocket. In the past, he’s created some stuff that could do some serious damage and, in his mind, LEGOs just aren’t that dangerous.

“I don’t thunk it’s very dangerous, and that is unacceptable here at the Slingshot Channel,” Sprave said.

He designed a custom gun to shoot the tiny plastic toys, but to make things more “dangerous,” he added nails to the LEGOs. The only thing that sounds worse than stepping on a Lego or being shot with a Lego fused with a nail is stepping on a LEGO with a nail sticking through it. We really hope that day never comes.

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