Get lost, drones — rideable hoverbikes are where it’s at now YouTube Screenshot

Ever since the first time I saw Back to the Future Part II and saw Michael J Fox riding a hoverboard, I’ve been fascinated with hover technology. Now, the hoverboard phase has pretty much come and gone and we’ve moved on to even more badass technology in the form of the hoverbike

Over the past few months, we’ve seen various prototypes that were capable for flying for short periods of time, but it appears that Russia has exceeded previous versions and its creators are boasting substantial progress.

Russian company Hoversurf, a drone manufacturing company, showed off its latest prototype. It’s being called the Scorpion-3, which is a single-seat, electric-powered hover bike. While it does look pretty awesome, it probably won’t be ready for mass production anytime soon.

If they do somehow figure out the technology for mass production, we’ll be at the top of the waiting list.

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