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The thought of flying cars is something that’s captivated the minds of Americans, ever since The Jetsons emerged onto the scene back in 1963. But here we are, more than 50 years later, and flying cars still aren’t a thing.

The Airbus Group may have found a solution to that problem. Rather then attempt to make a vehicle that flies and drives, and more than likely a mediocre attempt at that,tThey’ve decided to design a vehicle that goes from the road to the air, while providing the best of both worlds.

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They’ve designed the Pop.Up, which features a passenger cabin that’s interchangeable between a car and a quadcopter. It first serves as a car, and after arriving to your airport, the quadcopter attaches to the pod, picks you up and flies away. Imagine an electric car, that then turns into a drone. Sounds pretty damn cool to us.

While the concept of this has the potential to be a game changer, it’s just that, a concept. But, if they can work out the kinks and bring it to the masses, it would revolutionize the way people travel.

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