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Sex can, and often does, lead to some embarrassing moments.

A new study conducted by Superdrug Online Doctor ranks what people see as the most humiliating of those missteps. The study queried 2,000 participants from Europe and the U.S. about their sexcapades, both good and bad. And they found that no one is immune from those awkward bedroom occurrences.

Muscle cramps during sex, the study says, was the most common interruption followed closely by the ultimately embarrassing (from the male perspective) minuteman syndrome. Men admitted premature ejaculation was their biggest frustration, while women called muscle cramping their number one sex blunder.

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The more embarrassing stuff like farting or burping during sex happened more frequently than you might think. Only the more bizarre mood-killing stuff like adding food to your lovemaking, biting or kissing an armpit happened less.

The study also broke down what participants would hate to happen during sex. The number one gripe there was unsurprisingly being called the wrong name during sex, followed by being walked in on by another person, someone farting and someone’s penis being bent the wrong way.

Have any of these things ever happened to you?

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