50 Cent socks a crazed fan in the chest, then does a little damage control by inviting her on stage to twerk YouTube Screenshot

Rapper 50 Cent won’t be winning any cool points for punching a woman at a concert over the weekend, but he appears to have avoided any threat of a lawsuit with some deft damage control.

The rapper/actor, whose real name is Curtis Jackson, was performing at the Baltimore Soundstage with The Lox on Saturday when a female fan got a little too animated and pulled him into the crowd.

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What came next, a man-sized overhand left directly into the woman’s chest, could have cost 50 dearly if not for some quick thinking on his part. After being helped back on the stage, 50 immediately invited the woman up and after a quick apology, all was forgiven. She was later seen twerking on stage like she was part of the act.

Naturally, the whole thing was caught on video and has since gone viral. But visions of 2005, when the rapper was sentenced to two years probation for causing a fracas during one of his concerts after he was hit with a water bottle, may have saved him from some more legal trouble. We’ll see.

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