A 68-year-old Irish man showed up to the hospital with a real pain in the ass, and talk about an awkward doctor’s visit The Sun Screenshot

At one point or another, even the healthiest people need to make a trip to the hospital every now and then. You know, for stuff like catching that freak case of the flu. Or falling off a ladder while changing a light bulb and breaking a leg. Or getting a nine-inch dildo stuck up your butt.

Ok, so that last one pretty much never happens, but it did back in 2015, when a 68-year-old man checked himself at Mater Hospital in Dublin, Ireland, and had doctors remove the nearly foot-long sex toy from his rectum.

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Prior to showing up, the man struggled for 10 hours in an attempt to remove the sex toy. Because admitting to someone, no matter how much stuff they’ve seen, that you’ve gotten anything stuck up your butt, much less nine inches worth of thing, is something you want to save for the last possible resort.

According to the International Journal of Surgery Case, the dildo was extracted via forceps after the man was put under anesthesia. Also, apparently removing the dildo was no easy task, because as the journal reports, ?the removal of phallic objects requires ingenuity.?

That don’t detail exactly what kind of “ingenuity,” so you sickos will have to figure that out for yourselves.

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