A Chinese man went to the hospital with a pain in the butt, and what happened next almost killed him @ombasini/Twitter

When a man in Guangzhou, China showed up at the hospital complaining of stomach pains, he was too embarrassed to tell doctors that he knew the source.

Let’s face it, if you got drunk and shoved a couple of fish up your butt, like he did, you’d try to hide it, too. But after x-rays revealed that something fishy was going on, the man confessed to putting two pond loaches in his anus after a night of heavy drinking. And it nearly killed him.

The two fish, one four inches long and the other six, had reportedly broken through the wall of his bowel and could have caused life-threatening injuries if they had reached his upper organs.  As it was, he was suffering from high fever, low blood pressure and was close to septic shock from infection.

Luckily he made it to the hospital just in time and he’s expected to make a full recovery. And the fish? They reportedly survived the ordeal, too.

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