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It’s not everyday you get to see someone on the hood of a police cruiser without getting in trouble. But that’s exactly what happened when this group of girls decided to have an all-out twerkfest on and around a cop car.

In Rochester, New York, officers allowed a group of women, who said they’d been denied entry into a nightclub, to photograph themselves dancing in front of the vehicle, after they’d asked for permission. Little did the officers know, the girls would actually get on top of the cruiser and put on a show, where their cruiser doubled as a stripper pole.

Rochester Police Chief Michael Ciminelli wasn’t too thrilled about it though. Here’s what he had to say about the incident:

He issued a statement saying: “We, as leaders of the Department, hold the Rochester Police Department, its uniform and its symbols in the highest regard.”

“We expect all our officers to do the same. Our professionalism, both on- and off-duty are a reflection of all police officers.”

Ciminelli added: “Although the RPD personnel did not intend for this to occur, the result was an inappropriate and unacceptable image for the Rochester Police Department. This matter has already been addressed accordingly.”

He said: “I don’t think it was targeted or out of disrespect, they just thought it was going to be funny if we do this. None of us found it funny.”

Sounds like someone needs to lighten up, because we thought this was hilarious.