A cyclist tried to be a funny guy and steal a biker’s keys — it didn’t work out so well for him YouTube Screenshot

Warning: This video contains strong language. 

I’m not sure what this cyclist’s problem with vlogging is, but he definitely went about venting over it the wrong way when he snatched a biker’s keys right out of his bike and tried to make off with them. What he probably didn’t plan for was for the biker — armed with big-time obscenities and all — to tackle him to the ground and snatch his keys right back.

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Per Daily Mail:

In a statement the biker later said: “This incident went through Kent police and is still ongoing.”

“A big thank you to all the people that stopped and helped me.”

He also added that the bike suffered around £300 worth of damage.

Ol’ baldy is lucky he didn’t get a more serious beatdown for this one.

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