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This is what it looks like when nature grabs life by the horns, and the hunter becomes the hunted.


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In this video that is now a year old but still popping up all over the internet, we present a bobcat hunting a human.


The camera was rolling when a dude out looking for turkey realized that a bobcat was lurking in the woods and calculating its next move — towards him.

We don’t know about you, but we couldn’t help soiling ourselves on this guy’s behalf.

As Wide Open Spaces noted, bobcats are “used to hunting small prey” and “[b]ecause of that, they develop a sharp eye and a keen sense of movement.” This hunter’s camouflage was no match for this bobcat’s keen sense.

In its natural habitat, we see the wild animal, coolly and calmly inching closer with a look no one would want any part of. Then it prepared to pounce.


Don’t be fooled by that tail-wagging bobcat. It meant business and fired a warning shot by charging at the hunter.

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As you can tell by the man’s heavy breathing, he was terrified and was then and there thanking his lucky stars that this was not the end.

(H/t BroBible)