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The things some people will do for $300.

For 21-year-old Chelsea Guerra, it was to strip down to only high heels and black stockings and put on an amateur photo shoot outside of a Pittsburgh-area shopping center. Needless to say, that got her arrested for indecent exposure quicker than you can say “indecent exposure.”

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Apparently Guerra had answered a Craigslist ad placed by 63-year-old Michael Warnock. The duo showed up at Miracle Mile Shopping Center in Monroeville on April 7 and after he gave her a $300, they snapped the scandalous photos until witnesses eventually called the cops.

Guerra was charged with indecent exposure and disorderly conduct, while Warnock was charged with solicitation, conspiracy, disorderly conduct and narcotics possession. The lewd twosome is scheduled for a June 19 District Court hearing.

(h/t The Smoking Gun)