A teen who clearly thinks she’s “Cash Me Outside” girl punched a dude over and over — look how he reacted, YouTube/TheRandomChannel,YouTube/TheRandomChannel

Warning: This video has NSFW language.

In the words of Dr. Phil, “What accent is that?”

A female teen from who knows where was caught on video getting all kinds of aggressive with some shirtless dude on spring break right outside of an elevator.

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As the video shows, she “punches” this guy in the face multiple times and talks a game similar to “Cash Me Outside” girl.

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We invite you to compare the two and let us know if we’re right.

After some pretty weak punches and sprinkling in some “Wassup, bitch[es]?” and “Wassup, bro[s],” she follows this dude down a hallway.

The guy doesn’t even react, and it is glorious.

The video was uploaded to by idontwanttoregister with the title “Chivalry.”

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