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Like a scene right out of Jaws, a Kentucky teenager was attacked by a shark while swimming in the ocean with some friends.

According to KBMT12, Caitlyn Taylor, 17, from Louisville, Kentucky, was swimming off the coast of Destin, Florida, when out of nowhere, she was attacked by the shark. She suffered several puncture wounds, which required 120 stitches. Luckily, she was able to scare the shark off with a swift punch to it’s nose.

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Caitlyn’s mom, Tracey Taylor, had this to say to KBMT: “Caitlyn says she turned around and the head of it was coming toward her with a wave, and she said she turned to swim back to shore and she says she felt it just grab her and lift her off the bottom.”

Authorities do not know what type of shark bit her, but according to witnesses, a 5-foot-long shark bit her in about waist-deep water.

This serves as a reminder as to why my ass doesn’t get into the ocean past knee-deep water