A Texas man got drunk and ended up punching a police horse named Moonshine — it turns out that wasn’t such a great idea KHOU Screenshot

You know the saying “never look a gift horse in the mouth?” Well, there’s another saying that goes, “never punch a police horse in the mouth or you’ll end up in the slammer.”

According to the Austin American-Statesman, a man did exactly that on Friday night in Austin, Texas. Eloy Villanueva is facing a felony charge of interference with a police animal, punishable by up to two years behind bars, when he punched a police horse named Moonshine in the nose.

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According to reports, mounted officers were patrolling on Friday evening when they spotted Villanueva staggering around. After making contact with the suspect, the officers observed Eloy was drunk and having trouble standing up.

Reports also stated that Eloy reeked of alcohol and wasn’t making any sense to the officers on the scene. He then fell to the ground, where he remained for a few minutes, before standing up and petting Moonshine. Unfortunately, their friendship was to be short lived, because then, out of nowhere, Eloy punched the horse with enough force to frighten it. Villanueva was immediately apprehended and put into handcuffs.

According to jail records, he was booked into the Travis County Jail and was still being held there as of Monday. Not exactly the best place to sleep off a hangover, that’s for sure.

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