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American Evan Nagao electrified the 2017 European Yo-Yo Championship (EYYC) with an incredible routine in sync with Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Free Bird,” one of the most iconic rock ballads of all time.

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Can you say ‘Murica?

Nagao does things in this video with the yo-yo that are probably illegal in at least eight nations and currently have NATO on edge.

SB Nation hit the nail on the head with it three key observations about this video.

[Yo-yo competitions] are way more lit than you’d ever expect.

Almost everyone performs to EDM or Dubstep.

I could watch these videos all day.

Was this lit? You bet. Did Nagao stand apart in terms of music choice? Yes. Are we watching another video right now? Mhm.

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In the end, Nagao edged out fellow American Andrew Maider by 1.2 points, finishing with 76.9 points.

And because we know you’re uncontrollably yelling “Free Bird” at your screen, here it is — you deserve it.