An angry wife is in trouble after she found nude photos of her husband and another woman KHOW-TV Screen Shot

Women are so much more thought out when it comes to exacting revenge than men are.

When a dude gets cheated on, his first impulse is to go kick the other guy’s ass. Conversely, a woman will sit back and patiently devise a plan to turn your entire life upside down.

According to a KHOU report, Reyna Margarita Gomez discovered nude photos of her husband and another woman on her husband’s iPad, then allegedly emailed those photos to faculty members at Duchesne Academy, the private school the woman reportedly works at.

But things aren’t looking good for Gomez. . She’s accused of manipulating the whole thing to make it look like her husband’s mistress was sending emails with the nude photos attached through her work email address. She’s been charged with improper photography.

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