As you can see from this nitrous chair stunt, Johnny Knoxville and Steve O aren’t the only jackasses on television YouTube Screenshot

This stunt has jackass written all over it. As in, the guys from the TV show Jackass and anyone stupid enough to try it.

You don’t need to know much to figure out that strapping yourself to anything requiring the use of a helmet could cause some serious damage. Forget about a nitrous-powered chair that spins you around at 300 mph.

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But it just so happens that Farmtruck and AZN, the fearless duo from the Discovery Channel show Street Outlaws, are the second coming of Johnny Knoxville and Steve O, so they decided to give it a whirl.

Turns out they’re also about as reckless as the Jackass guys. They clearly had no idea how this stunt would pan out and, after uncorking the nitrous bottles, the chair nearly lifted off the ground. Thankfully, AZN wasn’t hurt but it looks like the show’s headed that way.

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