Bugatti teams with yacht builder for the sickest boat you’ve ever seen YouTube Screenshot

Money may not be everything, but it sure can buy you a lot of cool stuff.

Stuff like this new Bugatti yacht that boasts an on-board jacuzzi and fire pit. The Niniette 66, as it’s being called, lifts its beautifully stealth design directly from the A, B and C pillars of the $2.6 million Bugatti Chiron supercar.

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Yacht builder Palmer-Johnson teamed up with Bugatti to create just 66 (a common theme as the yacht is also 66 feet long) of these bad boys and although there’s no word yet on the price tag, we can only imagine it’s gotta be one hefty sum.

Aside from the firepit and hot tub, features include an open deck with leather seats, blue morta oak wood, a lower deck containing a champagne bar, sun pad and open seating and a massive interior that looks like something the Jetsons might have had if they had been billionaires.

We wouldn’t be surprised to see James Bond cruising around the south of France in one of these things in an upcoming 007 movie.

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