Cheating obviously isn’t cool, but this woman took things way too far when she caught her husband’s mistress YouTube Screenshot

Warning: This video is pretty disturbing. 

Without a doubt, catching your spouse or significant other with another man or woman has got to be one of the worst things ever. Before the sadness even sets in, the first emotion is likely to be intense anger coupled with the immediate need to break something or seriously hurt someone. Totally understandable. That being said, we think this angry wife took things way too far when she beat up on her husband’s mistress.

In the pretty upsetting video, the woman along with two of her friends is shown brutally stomping on the defenseless victim. After she’s on the ground one of the women (we assume it’s the wife) tears off the victim’s top, and viciously kicks her repeatedly, then drags her around the ground by her hair. The young woman didn’t retaliate in any way and didn’t really even defend herself. By the end, she was just lying on the ground, whimpering.

We say the jilted wife more than got her message across.

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