Chinese woman gives a whole new meaning to cooking at the office YouTube Screenshot

Here’s one way to ensure you never get back late from lunch: make your meals using ordinary equipment from the office. That’s what one woman in China is doing, and she’s developed quite the following since she started posting videos of herself doing things like frying pancakes on her computer.

She’s known by the moniker “Office Little Ye” and her videos are racking up an insane amount of views, somewhere in the neighborhood of 20 million on Chinese social media platform Weibo. They’ve also begun showing up on YouTube, where she’s also attracting a good amount of attention.

Like the video below, which shows her up buttering up the side of her computer console and frying up a crepe.

Or this one, where she uses the water cooler to make noodles.

We’re not sure where she’s working to be allowed to do all this, but that’s serious freedom. Most places in this country would not only fire you, they’d make you pay for the equipment as well.

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