Desperate Florida fishermen are marking territory with poop, and no number of cameras will stop them AP/J. Pat Carter

Florida fishermen right now.

There’s nothing fishy about the way fishermen are jockeying for position at the Sebastian Inlet pier in Florida.

Apparently, all it takes is one crossed line or one lost fish to tick off a fisherman to the point of smearing feces on the railing at the pier to send competition running for the hills.

According to Florida Today, this is a real problem that no number of cameras or signs will stop.

“We’ve had reports of people defecating and spreading it on the rail to mark their territory so nobody will fish next to them,” Administrator for the Sebastian Inlet District Martin Smithson said. “There have been several citations for public urination.”

When smear campaigns such as these aren’t enough it seems violence is the answer. People throwing fishing weights and lures has resulted in actual harm.

“There’s been two that I know of in the last six months where people have been treated and gone to the hospital,” Smithson would add.

Smithson just doesn’t want to be footing for the bill for all of this and, you know, the guy has a point.

You can file this under “Just Florida things.”

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