Drug smugglers are going straight-up medieval to get their product into the U.S. Twitter Screenshot

With the war on drugs becoming more and more critical and the heroin epidemic taking over many areas in America, people are going to any lengths to try and combat the problem. But as hard as agencies such as the DEA, ATF and USBP work, the smugglers are working even harder to keep the country flooded with their product.

President Trump is vowing to build a wall to cover the more than 1,100 miles of border the U.S. shares with Mexico and with some sort of fence already covering about 650 of those miles, he’s hoping to curb the influx of drugs tremendously. The smugglers and cartels, however, are coming up with some pretty ingenious methods to subvert Trump’s efforts, some of them even taking pages out of the medieval times playbook. And we’re not talking about the popular restaurant chain.

According to CNN, Border Patrol agents in Douglas, AZ, stumbled upon a group of smugglers using a catapult to launch drugs over the border into the U.S. It was reported that the catapult was attached to the top of a border fence, near the Port of Entry in Douglas, which is located about two hours southeast of Tucson. The device appeared to be constructed of square tubing and a heavy spring welded together, with rope tied around parts of it.

They managed to find the apparatus with two bundles of marijuana, weighing a total of 47 pounds, still attached to it. A group of people scattered, as agents approached them, upon discovery of the device, according to CNN.

But, where there’s a will, there’s a way. We don’t expect this to stop anytime soon, wall or no wall.

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