Drunk dudes with something to prove throw down in spring break brawl YouTube screenshot

All these drunk spring break melees begin to look identical after a little while.

Sand, surf, suds and beer muscles all conspire to create some of the most pathetic fighting ever captured on video. And this one’s no different. 

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It happened at spring break in Ft. Lauderdale and starts out promisingly enough, with a horde of muscle-bound inebriated dudes all looking to deck someone. Unfortunately, they’ve all got the punching accuracy of a blind man and it fizzles out quickly.

The spring break fight from last week where the girl jumped on the guy’s back was more entertaining. Check out the guy in the righthand corner, though. He’s dancing the whole time, not even stopping to dodge flying bodies.

He’s got the right idea. It doesn’t hurt if you can’t feel it!

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