Drunk Texas teen stole an ambulance and led police on one hell of a chase YouTube Screenshot

The only thing that could explain Armando Vinaja’s decision to steal an ambulance and lead police on a potentially deadly high-speed chase is alcohol. Lots of it.

Police in Texas say the 18-year-old had already been taken to the hospital after he was witnessed driving erratically, exiting his car and curling up in a ditch when he made the fateful decision to leave the emergency room and take the ambulance for a joy ride.

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The ensuing high-speed police pursuit, which was recorded by a squad car dash cam, reportedly reached speeds in excess of 100 mph and nearly killed several bystanders. The chase finally came to an end when Vinaja lost control of the vehicle and careened into a curb.

Vinaja is now facing multiple charges, including driving while intoxicated, reckless driving, unauthorized use of a motor vehicle and evading arrest detention with a vehicle.

Based on the distant look on his face, investigators concluded Vinaja was extremely intoxicated. Go figure!

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