Eeyore takes it to guitar-toting fool in this Vegas street fight Worldstar Screenshot

Choose your fighter! Here, we’ve got some dude dressed in an Eeyore onesie versus some other dude wielding what appears to be a Fender Stratocaster. Of course, this sort of fight could only take place in Vegas. Or Times Square. Those mascots are nasty.

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Per usual, we’ve got some thrilling post-fight commentary courtesy of BroBible:

There are some serious criminal allegations shouted by all parties involved.

Eeyore screams, “FLEX ON ME FOOL!!! FLEX ON ME FOOL!!!”

Then the man does indeed flex on him and swings his guitar at Eeyore.

It turns out to be a bigger mistake than Pooh trying to get honey from a swarming bee hive.

Eeyore furiously donkey punches the man.

The man dressed as a Winnie the Pooh character growls then VICIOUSLY body slams his combatant face-first onto the ground.

Face meet pavement. Pavement meet face.

Yes, every sentence seems to merit hitting the “return” key.

The camera work is, indeed, quite sloppy, but at least the witness had the good sense to scream “WORLD STAR”—and then, you know, submit the video to World Star.

(h/t BroBible)

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