Former WWE star Cody Rhodes gives hilarious play-by-play on one of the worst matches he’s ever wrestled in VidMe Screenshot/WWE

It’s no secret that the professional wrestling business is scripted, but that doesn’t mean that intense physical prowess and in-ring adaptability isn’t required to put on a good show night after night.

When wrestlers pull everything off, the performance looks effortless, and sometimes even when they goof, it’s hard to tell.

Take this Smackdown six-man tag team from back in the day, for example. Cody Rhodes, who used to wrestle for WWE and now is part of the Ring of Honor roster, stopped by for a Q&A and provided commentary for a wrestling match where just about nothing went right.

Upon first glance, it doesn’t look like there were any major flubs, but just listen to how everything was supposed to go. It’s actually funny as hell.

So, as you can see, a lost-in-translation moment led to some in-ring confusion and some seriously pissed off wrestlers. Regardless of how you feel about wrestling, its behind-the-scenes stories like this that make for some grade-A entertainment.

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