Guy tries to prove he’s a man, ends up with the trifecta — bloody mouth, missing tooth, broken jaw YouTube Screenshot

What could be better than watching a guy lose his appetite via knuckle sandwich? Watching him do so while thinking he was actually hungry for one.

Nothing good can ever come from someone trying to prove something as irrelevant as taking a fist to the face, and this guy helps solidify that fact.

Not only does he leave with a broken jaw, but spitting up blood and a broken tooth? Kind of reminded me of the movie, The Hangover.

Ed Helm

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Either this guy has a glass jaw or the dude delivering the blow had a very heavy hand. How awesome was the bystander’s comment about him losing a tooth?

Oh my God, he’s going to be like the guy from The Hangover!”

Literally adding insult to injury. Kudos random stranger.

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