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It’s one thing to be upset after losing a fight, but it’s another thing when you’re the one that started it and then you start crying after you get your ass kicked.

That’s exactly what happened to this drunk bully who thought he was hot stuff.

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It all starts when the dude walks up and punches a dude for no reason. Well, apparently it had something to do with a chili dog. One thing we do know is that the so called “nerd” that was hit in the face by the bully had a friend that didn’t take to kindly to what he witnessed.

Next thing you know, the friend has the tool in a headlock when his buddy comes up and lands a few blows of his own.

Finally, you see old Billy Badass the bully looking a bit foolish. As he got up off the ground and wiped his face of what appears to be blood and tears. Yeah, there were definitely tears. What a baby.