He followed a woman and said “you are going to enjoy this” — looks like she didn’t agree South Yorkshire Police

Look what happened to Johnathon Holmes’ face after he followed a young woman, said “you’re going to enjoy this” and tried to drag her into the bushes.

Holmes spent the better part of November 1 drinking, lurking behind walls and seeking out women walking by themselves, The UK Independent reports, and because of one attempted rape, the creep will spend the next four and half years in prison.

Surveillance camera footage showed the man lurking in Sheffield City in the UK. Holmes followed the woman and said “you are going to enjoy this.” He then forced his tongue in her mouth.

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The woman bit his tongue and punched the hell out of him, hitting his face — obviously — neck and stomach. She then, like a female Steven Seagal, resourcefully used her keys as a defense, holding them to her assailant’s neck. Needless to say, she messed him up pretty good.

Moments later, two pedestrians showed up. Holmes ran away, but he was tracked down before long.

The victim, who remains unnamed, said in court that she “believed without a doubt this man was going to rape [her].”

“My life would have been over — he might as well have killed me right there,” she said. “I was so terrified but so angry.”

The victim’s lawyer said her client uttered this line after Holmes ran away: “He won’t do anything like this to a woman again.”

His lawyer, Amy Earnshaw, called the attack “completely out of character” and said Holmes didn’t remember any of it because he was drunk.

Well, looks like he’ll have four years and some change to not be “completely out of character” and ponder the shitty life choices that got him to this point.


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