Here’s what the world’s most popular sex position is — do you agree? Gif Screenshot

Apparently when it comes to doing the dirty, most people prefer doing it the ol’ doggystyle.

That’s according to the folks over at DrEd, who surveyed over 2,000 people from the United States, UK, and Europe, with the goal of finding out the preferred sexual position.

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We figured with a sample size of of 2,000 from across the globe, we’d be in for some interesting positions, with something exotic taking the number one spot. But come to find out, most people are pretty dull and boring, at least on a regular basis.

35.1% of those surveyed named doggystyle as their go-to method, with missionary racking up a 22.5% second place finish and cowgirl coming in third with 19.4%.

Maybe the more adventurous types out there (and we’re sure there has to be more than the study shows) either 1) don’t practice freaky sex on regular basis or 2) aren’t the types to participate in surveys.

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