Here’s why rocking a “Dad Bod” could be more deadly than you think

Good news for all of us skinny dudes out there, and bad news for the two out of every three American men who carry around excess baggage in their stomachs — or anywhere else for that matter.

A new study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine refutes scientists’ findings from about five years ago that concluded being slightly overweight, i.e. having a “Dad Bod,” actually increased a person’s lifespan.

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The new findings state that having any amount of excess fat, however minimal, can pose serious health risks and even increase the chances of death by six percent in overweight people.

Logically speaking, it’s hardly a shock that portion control and a gym membership trumps burgers, fries and Pabst Blue Ribbon. What is shocking is how many men actually believed that having a “Dad Body” was a good thing.

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