His girlfriend wanted no part of the kiss cam, so the lady next to him came to the rescue YouTube Screenshot

I don’t think this warrants all of the crap she did to this poor guy, but if it works out like this in the end, it may have been worth it.

Maybe he did something really despicable like leave the toilet seat up before they left for the game. Don’t you dare think you’re gonna do that and embarrass me on this kiss cam, you jerk!

After a teddy bear, bucket of popcorn didn’t mend this relationship, not sure why he thought a $7 cup of Coke would help.

Not all heroes (or heroines) wear capes though, because the hot brunette next to him saved the day. And his girlfriend still had the nerve to be upset with him.

But wait! This kiss cam incident isn’t all that it seems.

Okay, this is obviously fake and staged, but who really cares? It’s still funny.

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