Hydraulic car turns into traffic jam killer YouTube Screenshot

This would be the perfect answer to the traffic jams that plague Southern California and other roadways across the country.

If it wasn’t just a marketing scheme, that is. It’s called Hum Rider, and it’s a Jeep SUV that features a hydraulic lift that raises the vehicle’s body about 20 feet into the air and widens the wheel base, enabling it to drive right over other gridlocked cars.

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Imagine sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic and seeing a car morph into something from a science fiction movie, a la the film Transformers. 

The concept comes from digital marketing agency thinkmodo, the company behind the Devil Baby Attack video which became one of YouTube’s most viewed videos ever, and it’s aimed at promoting Verizon Telematic’s Hum technology—a vehicle service that offers vehicle health monitoring, roadside and emergency assistance, and stolen vehicle tracking.

If you ask us, the Hum Rider is not only much cooler, it would be in much higher demand.

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