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You know how having sex with the ex is an idea that goes against your better judgment, but you end up somehow being drawn to it anyway? It tuns out that sex may be more pleasurable with an ex because an emotional connection linked to levels of orgasm already exists.

According to Psychology Today, “sex releases neurochemicals that forge emotions, feelings of attachment, and even love.”

“The level of pleasure we feel is connected to the release of the chemicals, which can be used to measure the intensity of our orgasm.”

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Relationship expert Patrick Wanis goes a step further, suggesting that the familiarity of an ex breeds a level of security that causes a person to ignore the feelings of guilt associated with going back.

“This person is familiar,” Wanis said. “Familiarity can create security.”

Whatever it is that sends you back to that familiar place, you should maybe keep one thing in mind: your ex is your ex because things didn’t work out between the two of you. One more roll in the hay, as awesome as it might be, is unlikely to change that.