If your arm’s in a sling, maybe you should try staying out of a full-on spring break brawl YouTube Screenshot

Spring break has barely gotten off the mark, and YouTube is already being bombarded with drunken melee videos.

This one stands out, however. You’ve got multiple pockets of brawling going on here, but the most entertaining involves a one-armed reveler in a sling up against a dude apparently so hammered that he can’t figure out who to fight, and a wild banshee of a party girl who spices things up by jumping on said drunk dude’s back.

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There’s no background on this clip so we don’t know who started what or why, but who cares? Alcohol-fueled donnybrooks are as much a part of the Spring Break landscape as alcohol itself, not to mention they’re fun as hell to watch.

And the girl in the vid who jumps into the fray? She’s got bigger cahones than every single dude involved. Especially the one who took a swing at the guy in a sling. Fortunately, his cowardice will live on forever in cyberspace.

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