Is this the best street fight of 2017? Probably not, but the commentary is absolutely hilarious YouTube Screenshot

Warning: This video contains strong language. 

We were a bit skeptical right off the rip when we saw the title of this video, “Best Street Fight Of 2017.” Like seriously, it’s only March, there’s no way this is going to live up to the hype. It was definitely the best cameraman opportunity, when the guy filming the whole ordeal just happened to stumble upon it as he walked out of his house.

What started off as a one-on-one battle quickly turned to two-on two, with the cameraman doing his best to bounce back and forth, between both fights.

“I’m just trying to be a good cameraman,” he said, which if that were really true, he should’ve started by filming horizontally, as opposed to vertically. It’s 2017 and they still haven’t learned the basics. Face palm.

Sure, the fight was pretty entertaining, but not as entertaining as the commentary. After the two-on-two battle came to a stall, a fresh face joined in on the action, then everyone started taking turns fighting each other. Best fight of 2017, absolutely not, but definitely best fight commentary.

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