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When it comes to reality TV, we’ve heard of some pretty insane ideas for shows, but this has to be the craziest one yet. It appears Russia has a show set to air this summer that will make the Hunger Games look like a walk in the park. The premise of the show? Anything goes.

Game2: Winter will take 30 contestants and drop them in the extremely cold Siberian wilderness for nine months, where the annual average temperature is 23 degrees Farenheit. But with the winners taking home a cool $1.6 million, it seems more than worth it.

Nothing can get you disqualified from the show, so crimes such as rape and murder are possibilities. However, the producers from the show said they will not step in an interfere with things.

Not so fast. While these crimes will not disqualify contestants, they will be held to Russia’s laws, which could lead to prosecution by authorities.

Each of the participants will have a panic button, that will be linked to a satellite. If they use it, they will be rescued from the wilderness, but, unfortunately, they will not be permitted to return.

Anyone that survives the entire nine months, will split the prize money, that is if anyone makes it to the end.

Pretty crazy stuff, right?